Mansfield Hollow

Snowshoers:  Rick, Doug, Jill

Well we made tentative plans to snowshoe at the bike ride but I never heard back from anyone so I headed to Mansfield Hollow solo and was almost to the trailhead when Doug’s truck pulled in to the parking lot.  Cool!  Doug said Rick would be there in about 10 minutes so I headed back to the parking lot to wait.  Doug and Rick have been p1180004snowshoe racing so I got a chance to admire their cool racing/running snowshoes.  We started out but Rick was in agony from a blister so I headed back to my car again to find him some moleskin.  He put on the moleskin and switched from his sneakers to his boots and this time we started out for real.  They tried to get me to ditch my trekking poles but I refused.  Last Sunday I took 2 diggers with them so didn’t want to see how many I took without them.  We did the loop across from the parking lot which is about 3 miles and it took us about an hour.  There was a ton of snow and it was perfect for snowshoeing.  Last Sunday when I snow shoed I probably could have just hiked in boots but it was more fun with the snowshoes on.  Surprising we didn’t see any other people on the trail.  It was fairly warm and the sun was out making everything look stunning with the fresh snow cover.  The only picture I took was of Doug and his cast – a souvenir from our Thanksgiving Day mountain bike ride at Bluff.  So no mountain biking for Doug right now but snowshoeing works out perfectly.  Short but fun hike with good peeps.  – Jill

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