Agatha Pohorylo

Hometown: New Britain

Residence: Glastonbury     

Height: 5’8” (and a half)

Weight: 130

Strengths: hill climbing

Hobbies: Cycling, gardening, home remodeling (actually more like demo)

When did you start racing/riding? I started riding in high school/college.

Why did you start racing/riding? At first for transportation since I had no car then because I liked it.

What do your mates call you? Agatha (but very close friends Ag)

Name your favorite ride, to date: Years ago in Maryland.  It was a club ride.  I didn’t know most of the cyclist.  The ride was hill after hill going through some beautiful farmland.  The ride ended at the ride leader home for some fresh peaches and ice cream.

Where do you like to ride? Southern CT, Moodus, Chester, and Essex area.

What’s your #1 strength as a cyclist? Endurance, Hill Climbing.

Other than race, what are some of your other bike skills that would make any Mom proud? Knowing how to change my own tire.

How about skills off the bike? Do my own home remodeling, install floors, windows, doors…..etc. Usually I get it right the 2nd time.

What gets you pumped up before a race? Coffee

Fondest memory in a race? Don’t Race.

How would you describe your sense of humor? Depends on my mood and how many drinks I have had.

What has been your finest moment in racing/riding? Mt Greylock Century

What has been your finest moment on two legs? When my kids were born.

When you’re not on your bike, what do you like to do? Read, Hike, Gardening

Favorite flick? The Portrait of a Lady

Favorite ride? “A Trip to the Beach”,  From Durham to Hammonnassett Beach

Favorite song? It changes month to month

Favorite carb? Sweet Potato Chips

What foods do you indulge in the most? Ice Cream

What’s the best perk about riding? Eating a lot.  Well and hanging with friends.

Name your ultimate upcoming biking moment: Try a Cyclocross Race

Name your ultimate upcoming non-biking moment: When my kids go off to college.

Describe your best cycling memory: A few years ago, doing an AMC ride that started in Madison and went along the shore to New London and back.  It was a small group of friends, a day after a big storm.  The ocean was amazing, big waves, sunny and windy.

Your perfect day? Riding with friends or hanging out with my kids.

Favorite junk food? Ice Cream