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Putney/West Hill Mtn. Bike Race, Putney VT

View Putney MTB race pictures from Garth

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From Fioravante “Van” A. Bares NEBC race promoter

Hi All,
Thank you for letting us remember you that the 14th run of the referenced event is going to happen on June 26th next. One of the reasons for organizing it is to try to generate passion for our sport amongst the younger generation. Hence, please, help spreading the news of it in your clubs, amongst your members, families, schools, etc. The more kids try and enjoy the event, the more fun and excitement they experience. The growth and continuation of our sport relies, as for any other sport, on motivating new and young recruits!

There will be medals for every participant and, in addition to a raffled new bicycle, prizes presented by sponsors of the event. A flyer of the race is attached. If more flyers or additional information are needed, you may contact the race promoter directly at:

Free race registration is offered by Bikereg and can be made at:,

Thank you for your attention and help to make the race a success for all competitors and for our sport!

F. “Van” A. Bares
NEBC race promoter

ECHN Bike Connect

Slideshow of the ECHN event

The great pictures of our club members courtesy of Alan Grant – Digital Creations, LLC.

Nerac Earth at ECHN Bike Connect