Nathan Sattar

Nathan Sattar 

Team Name: Nerac Earth

DOB: 06/23/1995

Residence: Coventry, CT

Height: 4′ 11″

Weight: 110

Strengths: sprints, gentle up hills

Race Class: First-Timer

When did you start racing? Haven’t yet

Why did you start racing? Haven’t yet

What do your mates call you? Nathan

Cycling Mentors? My dad, Nerac Earth Cycling Club

Name your favorite ride, to date: MS bike tour On June 4, 2006

Who has influenced you the most in cycling? My dad

Where do you like to ride? Often times I ride around my neighborhood, but I also like Bluff Point except for the fact that it’s far away.

What and when was your first win? Haven’t raced

What’s your #1 strength as a cyclist? A sprint on a slight down hill.

Other than race, what are some of your other bike skills that would make any Mom proud? For my age, the size of hills I’m climbing would surely make my mom proud.

How about skills off the bike? I play the piano at my house and take lessons

What gets you pumped up before a race? A little riding helps me before a small Channel 3 Kids race

Fondest memory of a race? The only race I have “been” in is one at Channel 3 when I gave somebody new water bottles each lap to help him.

Favorite flick? Over The Hedge

Hobbies? Baseball, basketball, boy scouts (might stop)

How would you describe your sense of humor? I laugh at many things that I hear.

What kind of comedians do you relate to? I can’t really name any that I relate to because I only know maybe one comedian

What has been your finest moment on two legs? Coming in 1st place in a Geography Bee of 5th grade.

When you’re not on your bike, what do you like to do? I play video games, watch TV, go swimming, or play a board game.

Favorite ride? MS Bike Tour

Favorite song? Homecoming from Green Day: American Id10t album

Favorite Carb? Anything made of potatoes

What foods do you indulge in the most? Whole grain foods such as bread, meat such as steak

Name your ultimate upcoming biking moment: The Willimantic Steeple Chase 50 miles and/or the V2V 80 miles

What’s the best perk about riding? You get to have tons of fun and you are excersicing with your friends at the same time

Name your ultimate upcoming non-biking moment: My Aunt’s wedding on July 29th

Describe your best cycling memory: When I rode a trail down to the ocean at Bluff Point and actually touched what I think was the Sound.

Your perfect day? A day in the high 80’s where we go to Lake Compounce

Got any nicknames? Some people call me Nate

Favorite junk food? Potato Chips