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Gay City – Case Mountain

we headed to Gay City/Case with a lot of the same crew from Saturday (Steve, Mary, Randell, Rick, John S., Garth) and we ended up running into the crew from the Thanksgiving morning ride (Jim, Mickey, Cam, Patrick).  The two groups rode together at Case then parted when we headed back to Gay City.  Rick and John tucked out due to other commitments and the rest of us headed over to the new Gay City trails.  We were 4 hours in by then and all starting to feel it, except for Steve!  Garth double flatted and after he fixed the flats I was pretty much toast (by the way you can use a 26” tube in a 29” tire…).  Steve tried to get us to go a little further but I think 5 hours was enough so we called it a day.  Yet another warm and sunny riding day in November… –Jill

Mansfield Hollow

I organized a beginner ride for Mansfield Hollow and oddly no beginners showed up but 7 riders (Brian, Steve, Doug, Mary, Randell, Tom, Jerry) showed up that made me work pretty hard that morning.  Usually when John S. is at the rides I can hang out in the middle of the pack but when you are the only person who knows the trails there is no choice but to be out front.  The 2nd ride on the Salsa did not disappoint, the bike is super fast and trying to give it reign left me feeling like heaving for the first ¾ of the ride.   Another warmish day with dry trail conditions and great company. –Jill

Thankgiving Morning Ride

Thanksgiving morning I headed down to Bluff Point to ride with Mickey and crew (that would be Rick, Glenn, Patrick, Brian, Jim, Cam).  This was my first ride on my brandy new, shiny, sparkly, red, Salsa Mamasita that I was trying to keep a secret because I knew Glenn would completely lose his mind when he saw me show up at the ride with a 29er.  His reaction was spot on although his bike was equally if not more interesting than mine.  He was sporting a rigid Salsa Fargo decked out with all kinds of cool components, I think it had a spot for 6 water bottle cages.  We all took a spin on it after the ride and I have to admit it was a pretty comfortable ride.  The ride was fantastic, warm enough to leave our jackets behind and the conditions were great, only a couple muddy spots.  –Jill

Toys For Tots Ride – November 22nd

From Steven Rossi:

Toys For Tots Ride – November 22nd

NEMBA Toy Ride Flyer 2009

It is looking like we are going to have a huge crowd!!!
This ride is quite awesome!!! The cause is great! The trails will be in great shape! The camaraderie is great!!! Should be an awesome event!!!!

Important points to note:

* You do NOT have to be a NEMBA member to attend.
* Loops are arrowed, so you can go at your own pace.
* Trails will be blown-off and leaf free!!!
* A new unwrapped toy is your entry donation. (multiples are welcome)

Wait! There’s more….

* Hammer/Heed has provided swag bags and support for the ride.
* Kenda has provided tires to raffle.
* Hammer has provided large items to raffle.
* Family Bike will be providing Hot Cocoa to warm the day.

Any other support or donations are welcomed and will be publicized accordingly.

Hope to see everyone next Sunday!