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Rentschler Field Training Race

Did the A-race at the Rentschler Field Training Race in East Hartford last night & was 6th in the A-race (cat 1-4). Pretty fun for a training race-relatively smooth & fast. It was 45 minutes plus 5 laps on a flat 1/2 mile course. Probably started about 35 riders & 2 teams, CVC & CCCN, each had 6-8 riders each. Of course, they got a break of 5, 2 from each team, in the first 5 minutes and that was all she wrote. They lapped us w/about 15 minutes to go. I did my usual long pull/off the front for 1.5 laps & realized I had better just sit in. When they put the lap cards up w/5 to go I moved to the front. For the last 4 laps it was pretty much single file & I moved up whenever there was a lull. I don’t know many of the riders, but Aiden Charles (he was wearing Nerac Pro shorts) came through on the last lap I jumped on his wheel & he gave me a great (but certainly unintentional) lead out. I jumped w/about 200 meters to go & one of the guys who lapped us came by me just before the line. Like I said-pretty fun for a training race & a good boost to my confidence for the last couple races.
After the race I jumped in the car & drove to New London to work all night until 6am-yeehaw.
Ciao –Dave

Blount Seafood Crit in Fall River Mass

Kieth & I did the Masters 45+ at Blount Seafood Crit in Fall River Mass; 20 miles & I ended up 15th.

The course was 1 mile with a block headwind up the hill (53×17 or 19-not too steep) into the last corner & then up a long drag to the finish with a good cross wind. Keith didn’t find the hill to his liking so to speak. A 6 guys were up the road just before halfway. At one point we had almost caught a chase group of 5 who chasing the lone leader, but the pack sat up & then there were gone & nobody wanted to chase. Since they were paying 5 places & it was an MCRA race (season long points series for Masters) I lead out my old teammate Brian Wolf. I thought maybe I could keep going after he went by me, but I died & rolled across the line. He ended up 3rd in the field sprint for 9th. He won the series last year & is leading this year.

Maybe a couple training races for the next couple weeks & then the Bob Beal (2-day) stage race the middle of Sept.


As my coach used to say-keep the rubber side down


Mount Washington Hillclimb – NE New Hampshire

Andy Chambers at the start of the Mount Washington Hillclimb Race

Andy Chambers at the Mount Washington Hill Climb

Andy Chambers at the Mount Washington Hill Climb

Annual Hodges Village Dam #11 of the Root 66 Race Series

Race Results


Holiday Farm Classic MTB Race

Race Results