Monthly Archives: December 2010

West Hartford Reservoir

Riders: Paul, Steve, Mary, John Stockford, Jerry, Jill

It’s been forever since I’ve written for the blog! My last final was tonight and my next class doesn’t start until the 26th so it’s a perfect time to whip up a ride story. There have been many, many great rides over the past few months, too many to remember so I will just write about the most recent one. We met at West Hartford Reservoir for an 11am ride on Saturday. Considering the blisteringly cold weather over the previous week the mid-30’s for this ride seemed quite warm. We all admired Paul’s newish (to us!) Stumpjumper 29er hardtail then headed out. Steve suggested a backwards loop that he did not too long ago so we started the loop counterclockwise. For the most part the trails were in good shape, no mud, a couple frozen ruts but nothing too bad. The ride was pretty un-eventful until we hit a patch of ice about half way into the ride. 2 riders went down quicker than you can blink. No crash is faster than a crash on ice. Ouch. Everyone was ok, sort of…(at least until they get home and tell their wife they fell…) At least everyone was able to keep pedaling. We had a discussion about which direction to head toward after that, Steve and Paul won that discussion so we followed them over the stream crossing which I expected to be a bit sketchy but was very rideable. John needed to skip out after the first loop so we decided to finish up the entire loop in the direction we were heading instead of doubling back to hit the inner trails. The next stream crossing was all iced over and the approach to the wooden planks was all sketched out and funky with permafrost which made the next climbing stretch pretty challenging because there were strangely formed chunks of ice-dirt-leaves clumped up all over the trail. We regrouped at the top and had a nice stretch of riding back to the parking lot where we dropped John off and had planned on heading back out but we yapped until we all got too cold to want to start out again. It was a good ride except for the ice and it definitely started us thinking about transitioning to winter hiking again. – Jill