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Note from Ashford Parks and Rec


Pictures from the 6th annual Ashford Metric Century+

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped out with the ride today. It couldn’t happen without you.

Slideshow of the 2013 edition of the Ashford Metric Century +

More pictures from the 2013 edition of the Ashford Metric Century +

Nerac Earth Announces The 6th Annual Ashford Metric Century

Nerac Earth, a nonprofit cycling club located in Tolland, is pleased to invite everyone to come out and participate in the sixth annual Ashford Metric Century, a fund-raising bicycle ride event to be held on Sunday, Sept. 29. The 10, 25, 62 and 100 mile routes travel through the “quiet corner” of northeastern Connecticut and surrounding areas in Massachusetts for the longer rides. The back country roads, stunning fall foliage and cool weather conditions make this a classic New England bicycle ride.

All routes are fully supported and there are multiple rest stops stocked with food, drinks and water. In addition, all pre-registered riders will receive a 2013 Ashford Metric Century t-shirt and after the ride, we will be serving baked potatoes with all the fixings and homemade apple crisp with ice cream. There will be free massages offered by CT Center for Massage Therapy to get you rolling again.

Watch the slideshow from The Seven Lakes Ride

Watch the slideshow

Watch the slideshow

CTnow video spot for the Ashford Metric Century+

Link to the video shot today–Metric-Century-Plus-Bike-Ride-September-30

A couple of pictures from the video shoot.





Toys For Tots Ride – November 22nd

From Steven Rossi:

Toys For Tots Ride – November 22nd

NEMBA Toy Ride Flyer 2009

It is looking like we are going to have a huge crowd!!!
This ride is quite awesome!!! The cause is great! The trails will be in great shape! The camaraderie is great!!! Should be an awesome event!!!!

Important points to note:

* You do NOT have to be a NEMBA member to attend.
* Loops are arrowed, so you can go at your own pace.
* Trails will be blown-off and leaf free!!!
* A new unwrapped toy is your entry donation. (multiples are welcome)

Wait! There’s more….

* Hammer/Heed has provided swag bags and support for the ride.
* Kenda has provided tires to raffle.
* Hammer has provided large items to raffle.
* Family Bike will be providing Hot Cocoa to warm the day.

Any other support or donations are welcomed and will be publicized accordingly.

Hope to see everyone next Sunday!

Saturday Family Ride

Pictures Ride Video

Saturday Family Ride


Riders: Dave Fluckiger, Sarah Fluckiger, Rose, John Sattar, Haley Sattar, Elise Sattar, Iris Sattar, Leah Sattar, Nathan Sattar

Time:1:00 – 3:30 including the ice cream

It was pretty hot for a ride that day, but we rode from Sacred Heart Church in Vernon to the Bolton Notch tunnel and then back to Vernon on the rail-trails. Trees that grew on the side curved so that you couldn’t see the sky making the trails a lot cooler during the ride. John pulled Elise on a trailing bike because she’s only 4. A few of us rode up to the first intersection and waited, while the others stopped to gaze at the river below the bridge that they were on (last time Dave saw a big fish). We crossed the rode one more time and started the Vernon Greenways rail-trail. When we got to Valley Falls, we took a small break. Dave said that he did have time to go to the Notch and back (Dave and Sarah were going to go snorkeling after this). A while down the trail, Dave saw this steep trail that went up. It was too long and steep to ride up, so Dave walked up and rode down. He came down fast. He would have gone shooting off the other side of the trail and down (really far down) if he didn’t use his brakes. Then I found a long line of big pieces of wood probably from the railroad that seemed nice enough to ride over. I almost got stuck on a couple, but I was fine. We continued on to the Notch. Dave and I saw some sweet side trails to go on. I can’t say they were great because they weren’t completely cleared, but it was a trail. Then we turned back, went the same route and stopped at Charlie’s for some great Ice Cream. Sarah and Dave went off to a swimming store in the plaza while we rode back to the church –Nathan

Family Ride

Ride Pictures

The first family ride was held on the Hop River Linear Park (Vernon Rails to Trails) and the weather was perfect for the inaugural ride. The plan was to start from the Sacred Heart Church and continue on to Andover with a lunch stop there to get pizza at Andover Pizza. Since this was the first ride like this to lead, we were not sure what to expect. At 11:00 we started off with Elise, Leah, Haley, Nathan (his first ride on clipless pedals), Iris, Dave and myself, on the Rockville Spur to hit the main trail at Church Street. There we meet Mary Lynn, Brian and her mother Rose and our group is complete. We had a hodge podge of bikes from a 16 inch kid’s bike to a road bike and racer mountain bikes to cruisers. It was a great mix of bicycles and abilities. The pace was leisurely, so everyone could enjoy the scenery and Dave took the lead while I played sweep, we took breaks in riding when someone needed a breather. We all loved the Electra cruisers that Mary Lynn and Brian rode. At 2 miles in our smallest rider, Elise was reaching her turn around point and she went back to the church with Iris. We reached the Bolton Tunnel under route 44 (about 5 miles in) and took some group photos. Rose had ridden on the flat paved trails in Massachusetts, but I think this was her first experience riding the unpaved trail. The trails are smooth, but there is a slight uphill grade all the way to Bolton Notch, which will make the riding require more effort. Rose was a little concerned about reaching our lunch spot in Andover, but with a little encouragement she was willing to give it a shot. We got to Andover pizza and Iris and Elise were there to meet us, (and if I had heard my cell phone we would have had our lunches ready for us) ordered food and ate a great tasting lunch. The staff was able to pack the food in foil so we could carry our leftovers back with us on our bikes, you can’t waste a good meal. Iris took Haley and Leah back home via car, they had done about 10 miles! The rest of us headed back to Vernon, backtracking the way we came. The way back is a little easier since the grade is working with you once you reach the Notch. Rose had no problem accomplishing her longest trail ride to date and talked about adding more distance next time. We all then went to Charlies and had an ice cream cone. What a way to end a fun ride. — John