Monthly Archives: January 2008

Bluff Point

Riders: Shelby, Andy M., Dave H., Michael, Jill

Yet another freezing cold early morning ride. No wind this week though. We started out our normal route and it immediately got warmer once we hit the woods. Shelby was hanging tough but I’m guessing she was kind of glad that Michael forgot his phone on the roof of his car and they headed back to the parking lot to look for it. Dave, Andy and I kept going and mixed up the route a bit, this was Dave’s first time riding at Bluff so we gave him a good tour. Lot’s of yapping on this ride, no crashes (at least none that I remember), no mechanicals and some really good luck (skill???) in rock gardens for all of us. Headed back to the parking lot to meet up with Shelby and Michael who found the phone and were just coming back from the trail. Cold but fun ride in the early am. – Jill

Bluff Point

Rick, Dave Flagg, Andy M, Andy C, Brennan, Jim, Mike, Jill

Another freezing cold morning ride, add windy to this one but the sky was clear and the trails hard packed and perfect.  Nicely paced ride with not too many stops, great to see some new faces on the trail.  Great mix of bikes and riding styles at this ride, Bluff really has trails for every kind of rider.  Rode all the good trails at Bluff then headed over to Haley’s farm.  11 miles of just fun riding.  Can you tell it’s January? I think the stories will get longer as the weather get’s warmer. – Jill


Andy, Doug, Rick, Dave H., Mary Lynn, Michael, Jill

Another 7:30am start and frigid conditions.  It was about 24 degrees when we started but it warmed up to reasonable temps after about a half hour.  I think we were lucky we started so early, toward the end of the ride the trails were starting to get soft.  We all rode the ramp and seesaw (to some extent!), no excuses this time.  Last time we were here it was at night and I got stuck on the first ramp and said I would try it next time we were there in daylight.  Of course Andy remembered so I had to do it this time!  More speed was the answer but that seesaw was a bit rough.  And high.  But fun.  It was a big group for a freezing cold early morning ride.  Thanks everyone for coming out, looks like we may be snowshoeing for a while after all this crazy snow. – Jill

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Hartman Park

Andy, Glenn, Michael, Jill, Skip, Kelly, Wayne

Finally hooked up with Kelly, Skip and crew again. This was again an incredible night for riding. It was low 50’s, high 40’s and we were able to ride with only one layer of clothing. Except for a few mud and ice bogs I’d say 90% of the riding was great. Kelly took us to the spot where we got lost last fall and showed us where we went wrong. There was not really a recognizable path because of all the leaf cover so it’s no wonder why we got lost. But we were safe with Kelly our gracious ride leader, he always gets us out safe and sound, but not necessarily dry. We promised we would be back next Tuesday but storm Christopher has put a dent in that plan so we’ll be back as soon as the trails are clear Kelly! – Jill

Bluff Point

Andy, Michael, Jill, John Sattar

1st ride of the year for most of us and the conditions were perfect. Saw a couple other rider’s out there but not as many as you would have thought for such a nice day. Then again we did start at 7:30am when everyone else is sleeping. Good ride, no injuries, great weather, a good omen for the New Year. – Jill