Daily Archives: January 18, 2009

Bluff Point

Riders:  Rick, Mickey, Andy, Jill and Glenn for a minute      Pictures

Perfect conditions for riding in the snow I was pretty psyched to find.  Initially I was hesitant and leaning toward snowshoeing instead.  Also I just didn’t want to get my bike dirty!  But Glenn was in the parking lot all geared up when I got there and Andy was on his way with his bike too.  Rick was hoping for snowshoeing too because he didn’t want to p11700031fall and reinjure his shoulder (bad sledding accident!).  But we both bowed to peer pressure and got our bikes out.  Andy and Mickey pulled in and our crew was complete.  It was still snowing pretty hard but we saw 2 Mystic Velo riders cruise by and they didn’t seem to be having any traction problems so we headed out.  Oops, I forgot Glenn was having some bike issues, he thought he fixed them but didn’t get much further than the gate when he had to turn back.  The rest of us headed over to Haley’s and the riding was absolutely awesome.  Only a couple spots when I had to get off my bike and push, I’d say we were able to ride about 98% of the trails.  I thought I had the only crash (it was totally Ricks fault) but when we got back I found out that Rick did slam his shoulder into a tree.  Figures!  It was great having Andy out front with his fat tires, made it much easier for the rest of us to ride in his tracks.  Mickey scooted out about a half hour before we did and Rick, Andy, and I finished up at about 2 hours.  Mickey had some great stories from the New Years Day ride.  If you remember it was super cold and it had stormed the night before.  Thank you guys for coming out today – and for making me ride!  -Jill