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Gay City

Riders: John Sattar, Doug B., Jill

I was getting sort of depressed on the way to this ride as almost everyone who previously rsvp’d for the ride bailed early in the morning. But I was pretty sure Doug was going to show, and although John said he had a pounding headache he still showed up to ride so I was psyched when they arrived. Doug was riding a 15yr old rigid GT with only 2 working gears. It had been a long, long time since he last mountain biked so was in sneakers and flat pedals and I was a little nervous as we started the ride. But I quickly realized there was no reason to be nervous; despite his bike (sorry Doug!) he had no problem navigating the terrain, keeping up with the pace, and actually seemed to enjoy the ride. I know Lance said it’s not about the bike but I know that if my bike isn’t just right then I am miserable on a ride. We entered the trail by the road side and looped around to the red trail then climbed for a while, crossed the power lines, and cut in left to head toward Blackledge. The trails were in great shape but as more and more leaves fall it is more difficult to find the trail. The trails are still very narrow in this section so you have to look ahead very carefully to pick your way through. We finished up quickly and I was back on the road before 10:30am. John and I bestow Doug with the high status of “Not a whiner”, which really is a compliment. Nice job Doug!!!! – Jill

3rd Annual Ashford Metric Century+

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