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Ashford Metric Century – October 5th, 2008

October 5th 2008 the first annual Ashford Metric Century will take place. This event will benefit the Ashford Recreation Department.

Whaling City Cyclone in New London

Race Results

Nutmeg Classic Criterium in New Britain

Race Results

Monday Night Road Ride

Riders: Brian, Nicole, Will

Tonight’s ride group was very small, consisting of only the most optimistic/wishful bikers. The skies started off a bit cloudy but it was a pleasant 70 degree night. With only a few riders Brian was deemed our ride leader. We decided to try and stick to our normal roads but with no cheat sheet we couldn’t promise where we would end up. With Brian’s confident statement of “you can’t get lost in CT” we were off. It was a pretty easy going ride thru the fairly flat farm roads and we were so determined to get a ride in we gave only a few glances toward the sky. That was until we got about 45 minutes into the ride, at which point I don’t think any of us could keep our eyes off the almost black clouds surrounding us. With nervous glances we decided we were really pushing our luck and decided to start heading back at a quicker pace. The skies grew darker and darker and the winds started to pick up. Halfway back it was almost completely dark and we were at an all out sprint to try and beat the storm. There were a few drops here and there but with Brian encouraging “you can do it” we kept pumping our legs, determined to beat the storm to Vernon Cycle. We were 5-10 minutes short of Walgreens (intersection of Dart Hill + Talcottville Rd) in Vernon when the skies opened up and started pelting us with huge rain drops while lightning filled the skies. Defeated…but now just trying to get back safely, we hopped onto the rail trails to stay clear of cars and to get some protection with the trees. We all finished safe and soaking wet with 18.8 miles tucked under our belts (15.9 mph average). That’s the biking spirit!!! –Nicole

Monday Night Ride

Riders: Brian, Keith, Nicole, Steve, Jeff and Ausher (spelled right??)

Monday was the perfect day for a nice 30 mile bike ride (average 15.8 mph). It was finally warmer then 55 degrees and the wind wasn’t trying to knock us over. We were lead by the lucky Keith (don’t worry you can follow, not lead, next week) who started us off on some nice hills that felt like they went on…..and on….and on. After awhile I was starting to wonder if I would make it even half way thru the ride but then we were lead down some pretty flat roads for a nice recovery. This is where a few of us had the interesting experience of hitting a crazy squirrel who decided to play chicken with the group. He hit my back tire and then after a beautiful spin decided to try it again only to then be hit by another rider’s tire. That’s when he decided to high tail it out of there and went scurrying home. Hope you’re okay little squirrel!!! We had one other mishap of a flat tire, which allowed us to get to know some of our new riders from the West coast. The ride ended with a few more hills, to challenge even the most determined rider, although Keith made it look easy. I think we all had a nice time and can’t wait for next week. — Nicole H

MS Ride

To start with, what an absolutely Great Event! This event was so well managed and coordinated; I even had the ability to test their support system. From the time that I arrived, everything went very smoothly from registration to where to go to get ready and lining up. Channel 3 news was there to cover the event and I believe there was somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 or more riders participating in the 100 mile route.

I ran into quite a few riders that I have met over the past few years at other rides as well as meeting some new riders, so there were plenty of folks to talk with. A fairly large group of us, somewhere around 20-25 wanted to take advantage of the absolutely great weather and mostly flat course to see if we could push the upper limits on avg. speed over the 100 miles. We rolled out together and quickly moved to a pace line taking turns up front, before I knew it, we had gone 80 miles averaging 22MPH.

This is where I had the opportunity to test the support system! I had a little mishap and ended up with a demolished rear wheel and so ended my MS tour at the 80 mile marker… the SAG support was great and easy to get in touch with, I hooked a ride back to the start/finish area for a massage, burger and good conversation with the many riders I met throughout the day. I ran into Garth, Andria, Jesse, and Natasha and it sounded like the others doing the 50 had a really good time as well! I encourage everyone that can to try this event out next year; I know I am definitely going to be there again.

Cliff was with us on the 100 as you mentioned, I spotted him and introduced myself on the ride we chatted it up for a bit, very nice guy.

Thank you and Nerac again for providing the opportunity to participate in this event, I had an absolutely great time!

Oh – side note, there was a motorcycle event coming down route 5 with 100’s and 100’s of motorcycles and a huge police escort… I was at the front of the group at a light waiting to turn and one of the guys riding by gave Nerac a huge yell out! Amazing to see how many folks recognize the name! Good “Brand” recognition!

–David H