5th at Ninnygrit

NE Championships, Masters 50+, 5th place
5th seems to be the number for me this year; 3rd time this year I was 5th

Managed to get in a pretty good looking 6-man break in the middle of the race. Eiric Marro & I bridged up to Dave Kellog, one of his teammates, Frank Jenning as and 1 other guy. It looked like the pack was shutting down before we attacked and I figured we had a good chance since Kellog & Jennings teams (Arc en ciel and Spin arts, respectively) had the biggest teams. But we only stayed away for about 4 or 5 laps. Eiric told me after the race that he was suprised I pulled through when we bridged up-man what a bad rap.

Randy Rusk rolled off the front with about 6 laps to go and Arc en Ciel shut it down. Tommy Stevens and Mark Thompson got away and so then Spin arts was blocking for Tom as well.
The pace really slowed and it got even sketchier.

Managed to get to about 5th in the field coming around the last corner, got held up a little, but finally got the 53×12 rolling. Curly won the field sprint and I got 5th by about 6 inches with a well timed bike throw (I looked at the photo)

I had hoped to get a better result, but I’m pleased with the day. Probably the best race I’ve had at Ninnygrit in a long time.
2 weeks riding with the 1-2-3s at the Rent has done wonders for my fitness.

Bring on the mud.

— Dave G.


One response to “5th at Ninnygrit

  1. Dave, Dave Allen here, saw that you raced Portsmouth on Sunday. I rode in the community challenge for the City of Portsmouth team. Wish that I had known that you were riding here so that we could have caught up. Sue and I live about a half mile off from downtown Portsmouth.

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