Monthly Archives: January 2007

Gay City/Case

Riders: Cliff, Salem, Andy, Jill

Slackers: Everyone else!

Got to the parking lot with a minute to spare but no worries, nobody was there yet. Cliff pulled in a moment later, then Andy, then Salem appeared out of nowhere. He rode his bike to the ride from his house in Glastonbury. It was only about 12 degrees at the start of the ride, so I put on my balaclava, my super, heavy duty bike gloves and 2 sets of toe warmers, one in my shoe, one between the shoe and the booty. We headed up the old way, taking the trail by the road and winding up toward Case. The trails were in perfect shape, the snow was kind of sticky like sandpaper so our tires had no problem gripping. It wasn’t all that bad if you were dressed for it, my forehead was the only thing that was cold. I had tucked my camelback hose into my jacket but Andy forgot and his froze instantly, Salem’s water bottle in his bike cage lasted a little longer but eventually froze. Cliff had his bottle in back pocket so his stayed liquid and mine froze about an hour into the ride even though it was stuffed in my jacket. We got to Case and I convinced Andy to keep riding even though he was frozen and had no water. It was much warmer on the road so he thawed out for a few minutes then we headed in to Case. We crossed straight over then took the left that paralleled the power lines – the temp seemed to drop about 10 degrees in this area. We popped back out on the power lines and headed down the Tinte trail. By the time we got down to the bottom my fingertips were frozen. Cliff wanted to get back to the parking lot by 10:30 so we decided on a condensed ride and took a right where we would normally head down to the reservoir, then crossed over the power lines and headed up the Fern trail. Surprisingly we ran into quite a few hikers and dogs today. Finished up the ride by heading over to Black Ledge where we saw the only other rider of the day. Of course we had to chase him down but I think he was so cold he was incapable of speech. It never fails when we see another rider or group on the trail, our first instinct is to chase them down. We finished about 11am, the parking lot was packed with hikers and mountain bikers heading out like it was 80 degrees. In actuality we estimated that it had warmed up to a balmy 20 something degrees. – Jill