Dave Geissert

Rider: Dave Geissert

Dave at the Norwich Crit

Dave at the Norwich Crit

Team Name: Nerac Earth

DOB: 5-24-60

Hometown: National City California

Residence: Columbia, Ct

Height: 6’-0”

Weight: Around 200 lbs. I’ve managed to lose 25 pounds this year & I’m working hard to keep the weight off.

Strengths: Sprinting

Hobbies: Sports with my girls. I had a small sailboat, but I recently sold it to buy a new bike. I got a sweeeeet carbon fiber Giant w/Campy Centaur from Dave at Tolland Bike. My first complete new bike in nearly 30 years.

Race Class: USCF Cat 3 45+

When did you start racing? In 1976 I did a few novices races. In 1977 I started racing as a Junior. In 1978, my last year as a Junior, I joined Laurel Bike Club & George Orr was coaching the team.

Why did you start racing? We grew up in the “Bike Capital of the World”; Davis California. My brother & I had ridden bikes since we were kids. He started racing the year before & I followed suit the following year.

What do your mates call you? Dave-cool huh?

Name your cycling mentors: My coach George Orr. I haven’t seen him much lately, but he was a big help to me over the years. George is Australian & raced as a Pro in Europe. He’s full of cool sayings like, “keep the rubber side down”. Usually said before a tricky/dangerous race.

Name your favorite ride, to date: The first time I do a new ride.

Who has influenced you the most in cycling? My coach George Orr gave me a lot of advice over the years. As a Junior (1978) & first year Senior (1979) he taught me how to train & have the right attitude about the bike; train & race hard, but remember to look at the flowers & always apologize after you hook someone in the sprint. Over the years he’s been a real help to me; always a positive & encouraging attitude.

Where do you like to ride? Along the water-so long as it’s flat

What and when was your first win? My first win was in a criterium in central Connecticut as a Junior in 1978. I followed that up with a win the next day in Enfield. Over the years, I’ve won races all over the northeast; from Maine to Maryland as well as California, Oregon, Seattle and France.

What’s your #1 strength as a cyclist? Sprinting

Other than race, what are some of your other bike skills that would make any Mom proud? Uh-I’m pretty handy with a wrench

How about skills off the bike? We recently built a house and I did everything from clearing trees, foundation, deck, cabinets, trim, paint and floors.

What gets you pumped up before a race? Being there to race

Fondest memory in a race? Winning the field sprint in a hard 135 km rainy road race in France. Closely followed by winning the Tour of Martha’s Vinyard Pro-Am in near hurricane conditions.

How would you describe your sense of humor? Very dry

What types of comedians do you relate to? Funny, but clean ones-there are a few.

What has been your finest moment in racing? 1988 Martha’s Vineyard Pro-Am. Not known as a breakaway rider, I bridged up to a fairly large chase group in the last 5 miles, sat on until about 500 meters to go, jumped, rode Paul Curly (long time New England cycling fixture) and the rest of the chase group off my wheel, caught the 2-man breakaway in the last 50 meters & had time to get both arms up in the air for a great photo in the Boston Globe.

What has been your finest moment on two legs? Standing at the altar with my wife of nearly 24 years.

When you’re not on your bike, what do you like to do? Sail, play with my girls, hang with my wife, teach High School Sunday School & think about riding my bike.

Favorite flick? Mad Max

Favorite ride? Any day I can find time to get out is a good day; even in the rain.

Favorite song? Amazing Grace by the Blind Boys of Alabama

Favorite Carb? Chocolate chip cookies

What foods do you indulge in the most? I used to eat more bread, pasta & cookies, but I’ve cut way down.

What’s the best perk about riding? Being fit & not feeling (too) guilty about eating chocolate chip cookies. I took a few years off the bike after racing for over 20 years & I miss being fit. Not necessarily race winning fit, just being able to climb stairs without getting out of breath is good.

Name your ultimate upcoming biking moment: My first win in 7 or 8 years. I’d love to be fit enough to do the Yarmouth Clam Festival in July. I’ve ridden that race since the first edition in the early 80’s & won it twice. It’s a cool race & long time New England tradition. Unfortunately it has a bit of a hill (I’ve never been mistaken for a climber) and there’s only a Pro-Am race.

Name your ultimate upcoming non-biking moment: Hopefully a vacation

Describe your best cycling memory: Martha’s Vineyard

Your perfect day? 80 degrees & sunny

Got any nicknames? Gforce (as in gale force winds after Marth’s Vineyard win)

Favorite junk food? Chocolate chip cookies & New York Super Chunk ice cream