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Gay City – Case Mountain

EnlargeThe day after Thanksgiving, I got to do one of my favorite rides with Kevin and his brother Rob (visiting from Virginia Beach). I was taking this picture of Kevin and Rob descending and didn’t even notice that Rob had endoed. It is very rare that Rob doesn’t land on his feet. We had a great ride and burned off some of Thanksgiving meal.
Slideshow of Ride

Manchester Road Race – Thanksgiving Day

This was my first time running the Manchester Road Race. Fellow co-workers at Nerac encouraged me to sign up and I’m glad they did. The weather was unusually warm at 60+ degrees and sunny at the start line. We (Michael, Natasha, Jesse, and myself) lined up just behind the under 40 minute corral because none of us had seed cards that would allow us to get in to one of the three corrals up front. It was my first experience participating in an event with so many people. There were almost 10,000 runners, the bike and adventure races I’ve attended generally run around 200 to 300 participants so it was incredible looking back over the sea of runner’s in front of and behind us. Waiting for the start was quite entertaining as people dressed up as all varieties of superheroes, holiday turkeys, the blues brothers, etc. I think the one that made the biggest impression was the guy running in ONLY a pair of spiderman briefs. I’m guessing they belonged to his son because they were a little young…
After the start gun went off there was a brief surge and we got about 5 feet and had to wait then walk, wait then walk. They record your time from when the gun goes off and use a chip attached to your shoe to record the time that you cross the start and finish line. So after crossing the actual start line it became a maze that you had to navigate in order to keep moving forward. I learned quickly that being smaller is definitely an advantage because you can duck and squeeze between people, also running on lawns and sidewalks seemed to be effective. Michael and I tried to stay together at first but that was more challenging than the actual running. The first hill was just a wall of people, I think I passed at least a thousand people (literally!) on the hill but after that there was some breathing room in the road and I got to look around. There were people cheering on the side of the road, bands playing, I saw a congressman, and lot’s of early morning beer drinking. My favorite was the song from Rocky, it really inspired me to try to finish strong and meet my goal of finishing in under 40 minutes so I could get a seed card for next year’s race.
I was getting nervous though because my heart rate never got below 191 the entire 4.7 miles, the heat was pretty bad and I did not choose my clothing wisely as I was wearing a long sleeve black zip-t and capri’s. I slowed down a little around the 4 mile point to see if I could get my heart rate down. It went from 193 down to 191 but wouldn’t go lower than that. People starting passing me and that made me feel a little panicky so I kicked it up, picked a spot behind a skinny kid in shiny blue running shorts and stayed with him until I turned the last corner and could see the finish line. Turning that last corner and seeing the American Flag and the finish line gave me that last bit of strength I needed to finish. My finish time was 39:03 so I get a seed card for next year!!!! If you know someone who raced you can look up the results through this link: Great job to Jesse, Natasha, Michael, Keith, Linda, and Ruth!!! – Jill

Video From Jim

Jim Smith sent a link to a video shot of him, Mike Coleman and Walter catching air at Diablo Free Ride Park.