Monthly Archives: December 2009

Lunch Ride – Crandall Park

Lunch ride at Crandall with Sue.  Sue has ridden at Crandall a few times but mostly when it was super slippery because of all the leaves.  Today most of the snow was gone but the leaves were frozen and packed down which meant more traction.  Stayed on the lower trails again and ran into 2 groups with multiple dogs every time we looped around.  The last time around I told them it was our last loop because we had to go back to work and they said they were sorry we had to go back to work on such a nice day.  Ha, so tempting to keep riding until dark…–Jill

Crandall – Lunch Ride

lunch ride with John S. at Crandall.  Stayed on the lower trails because we figured the upper trails would be too slippery.  I’m not sure if this would be considered the first snow ride, there was a light covering of crunch on the trails but I’m going to say there has to be more snow than that to be considered a real snow ride.  Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had to dodge machinery because they’ve been building a trail/path next to where we pick up the trail at Crandall.  Today it was finished so we followed it to see where it went.  It connects to the elementary school in Tolland, cool!  Rode my stumpy today because I was feeling guilty for neglecting it….–Jill

EMS Ride

EMS ride at Case.  A small crew for such a mild night, just me Brett and Alex.  Good conditions but I was struggling, those two are super fast – and Alex was on a singlespeed!   Good ride but I suffered.  It’s good for me though, right???? –Jill


I headed over to Soapstone to ride with John I., conditions were a little muckier than they were a week ago Sunday when we rode Soapstone which was surprising because we didn’t get that much rain.  It was a bit on the humid side and I think I would have been fine with short sleeves.  I can’t believe its December and it’s this warm riding at night!  It was nice to just follow John, every once in a while I would recognize where we were but most of the time I was just pedaling as hard as I could to keep up while trying to get a feel for how to ride a 29er hardtail in more technical conditions. –Jill