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Tolland Bicycle is offering a fit discount to current Nerac Earth Club Members

Tolland Bicycle is offering the below fit discount to current Nerac Earth Club Members.

The discount is 15% off any fitting above the entry fit (aka – quick fit).

Regular prices (before discount):

$125.00 – Static Fit

$200.00 – Dynamic Fit

There will be more info about the fits on the Tolland Bicycle website soon: or call the shop at 860-872-8248

Accelerade / Endurox R4 – Free Shipping

Free shipping on Accelerade and Endurox R4 until 2/2/2008, order now to take advantage of this club offer.

Accelerade Discount increased to 30%

The Accelerade Partner Program has decided to raise the regular club member discount to 30%. In addition all orders will receive a free water bottle until June 30th. “Click here to take advantage of a special offer. SAVE 30% on ACCELERADE, ENDUROX R4 and ACCEL GEL.” The discount is reflected once the product is in your cart

Accelerade now available through Nerac Earth for our Members

Nerac Earth Cycling announces a special program for our members in which we now can purchase the most advanced line of sports drinks, energy gels and recovery drinks and receive a 20% discount on all purchases. I’m sure you are familiar with the Accelerade, Accel Gel and Endurox R4 brands. These products are unique in that they contain a patented 4:1 ratio (4 grams carbohydrate to 1 gram protein). This ratio has been shown to provide significant benefits to endurance athletes including extended endurance, faster muscle recovery, reduced muscle soreness and better rehydration. For easy, secure purchase go to Receive a 20% discount and pay a flat rate of $5.99 for shipping regardless of size. Limited time offer – SAVE 25% and get a FREE WATER BOTTLE for the next 30 days. Here also is a condensed version to attach to regular communications. Click here to take advantage of a special offer. SAVE 20% on ACCELERADE, ENDUROX R4 and ACCEL GEL.”

More Affiliation Established

We now have affiliations with Rosso Bikes,, Mountains Plus, Beyond Carolina and Hydrapak. Remember to shop from these links, since the club will get a percentage of every sale. I am working on a few more affiliations and hopefully will have them up soon. If you think of any others that you would like, send me an email and I will look into it.

Affiliation Established With Nashbar

Please use the Links page to purchase from our preferred online vendors. If you are planning on making a purchase online, check the Links page to see if you can earn the club some dough!

Deal on NiteRider Lights

I thought someone might be interested in this deal. Hurry while supply lasts, once they’re gone they’re gone.

— Submitted by Andy