Andy Chambers

Team Name: Nerac Earth

DOB: 8/13/58Andy Chambers

Hometown: Montreal

Residence: Bolton

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 170 lbs

Strengths: Hillclimbs, endurance, stubbornness, competitiveness

Sports, hobbies: Riding with my kids, hockey, skiing, woodworking, home projects

Race Class: XC expert

When did you start racing? 1997 (Mount Washington Hillclimb)

Why did you start racing? Was talked into it by a friend

What do your mates call you? Crazy

Name your cycling mentors: Lance Armstrong

Name your favorite ride, to date: Cockeponset State Forest

Who has influenced you the most in cycling? CTS trainers, I used them one season and it made a huge difference.

Where do you like to ride? Case Mtn area, WH Res., Cockeponset, Soapstone

What and when was your first win? My 1st Root 66 race (2004, Channel 3) as a sport (I was hooked!)

What’s your #1 strength as a cyclist? Climbing

What gets you pumped up before a race? Preriding & talking to my competition

Fondest memory in a race? Each time I cross the finish line in the Vermont 50

What has been your finest moment in racing? Climbing up the last 50 yds of 22% grade at the 2006 Mt. Washington Hillclimb and seeing the clock read 1:06:38

Favorite flick? Braveheart

Favorite Carb? Homemade Nuts & Bolts, pasta, Endurox after a hard ride

What foods do you indulge in the most? Whole grains, salads, pastas, beer, healthy stuff most of the time

What’s the best perk about riding? Earning a good meal and a cold one (or two)

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