Monthly Archives: December 2006

West Hartford Reservoir to Penwood


Bluff Point


Another year is about to come to a close and it seems we have been blessed with and extended riding season much to the chagrin of the boarders and double plankers. It was about a year ago we were here at Bluff performing bicycles on ice entertaining a few cross country skiers and hikers with our train wreck of a ride on the glare ice, there were sounds of mass casualties emanating through the briars, the unmistakable sound of bodies slamming to the ground like sacks of potatoes followed by non ferrous metal objects glissading down the trail sounding like fingernails on a chalkboard. I really can’t remember in years past where the weather has been this unseasonable. I’ll say it again, If this is global warming, I’m all for it. Aside from a few sections being a little muddy, the trails were in great shape. We had a lot of riders show today and everyone was considerate, setting a pace that was good for the group. Shelby and Evan haven’t ridden in a while but did very well keeping up. It was good to see John Stockford back on the bike after having recovering from surgery. Glenn and Jim led the ride today doing a nice job keeping it interesting by taking some different trails. The Highlight on this ride for me is always the super fast downhill that spits you out to the ocean and the trail along the shore where today, there was a good wind creating breakers pounding against the rocks. We usually stop at sunset rock for a photo op, but folks have holiday things to do so it’s back to the parking lot where everyone shares a little Christmas spirit While a few head over to the “The Spot” for a bite. — Arch

Riders: John S. Kyle, Shelby, Evan, Glenn, Mickey, Jim, Andy, Mike, Jill, Kyle’s friend, Ryan?, Arch, Doug