Daily Archives: January 17, 2009

Doug Enters Snowshoe Race

2009 DION Snowshoe Racing Series 1st ANNUAL TURNER TRAIL 4.3-MILE SNOWSHOE RACE January 10, 2009 Pittsfield State Forest Pittsfield, MA http://runwmac.com/snowshoes/default.html

Douglas McBournie Age: 50 Time: 1:13:19

We are officially giving Doug credit for first race of the year. If you follow the link above you can see a picture of Doug suffering in the last leg of the race. He’s on page 4, picture 130. I thought he looked serious, he said it was a look of pure suffering. Snowshoe racing is a great workout and if you want to try it the race organizer actually brings about 60 pairs of snowshoes to each race to outfit anyone who doesn’t have snowshoes. Good luck in the next race Doug! – Jill