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Gay City State Park

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West Hartford Reservoir

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Tolland Bike at Camp JN Webster

Here is a great local story and pictures provided by Nord Yakovleff and forwarded to us by Dave Waldburger.  It looks like the boy scouts will have no problems joining us on our rides at the camp this summer!


The crew from Troop 92 Ashford, and the professional bicycle mechanics
from Tolland Bicycle Shop repaired and tuned up ALL the miserable
mountain bikes at Camp JN Webster on a rainy Saturday, yesterday.

Most of the bikes were in bad condition. Now, they are ALL usable, and
safe. We set up “stations” to process the bikes. Eight people showed
up to help. We got the work done, with the shop cleaned up by 1 PM. I
counted 20 bikes. Some of these machines were a real challenge, with
missing or mis-matched and non functioning parts.

Special thanks to Tim Bugden and Cody Pacheco (former members of Troop
92,) for their expert help, and thanks to Dave Barrow of the Tolland
Biclcle Shop for donating the materials that we used to replace worn
parts on the old bikes. All three of these gentlemen are Eagle Scouts,
by the way…Wouldn’t you know that?

Nord Yakovleff
Ast Sct Mstr
Troop 92 BSA
Ashford, Connecticut

Google Bike Directions Are Now Live!

Google maps now has  directions for cyclists!