Harley Erickson

DOB: 4/30/68

Residence: Norwich, CT

At Bluff Point

At Bluff Point

Hobbies: Playing electric blues guitar, reading, outdoor activities

Race Class: Beginner

When did you start racing? 1999

Why did you start racing? For the fun, fitness, and camaraderie

Name your cycling mentors: Alison Dunlap, Audrey Augustin

Name your favorite ride, to date: Porcupine Rim, Moab, UT

What and when was your first win? 1999, Horror at Harding Hill race, Sunapee, NH

What’s your #1 strength as a cyclist? Technical stuff

When you’re not on your bike, what do you like to do? Play guitar, hear live music, go to a movie, travel

Favorite flick? Jaws

Favorite song? “Can’t Find the Blues” by Debbie Davies

Favorite Carb? Pizza

What’s the best perk about riding? The great camaraderie

Name your ultimate upcoming biking moment: I would love to podium at Mount Snow!

3 responses to “Harley Erickson

  1. Harley
    You may have heard my name at one time or another from your parents but I doubt you would remember me as I last saw you when you were just a baby. I know your father, an old, old friend met with a tragic end some years ago. I wanted to say hello to your mother but have no way of contacting her. Hope I have the right Harley but judging by the photo on the net you have got to be Brad and Gale’s child.

  2. Hi Harley!
    I am actually getting ready to go back to brideport Conn. on Tues. Oct. 4th. and was to see all my cousin’s on my father’s side. Do you remember who I am ? Because my my parents knew your parents (Brad & Gale) and my grandma was your granmpa’s sister so we are related I suppose that would make us cousins lol. I was sitting down talking with my father and was thinking I wonder what ever happened with Harley? and I sure hope that you are the right Harley ? not sure but I clicked on something else and then found the reply above mine. Well do you remember me I am Cindy – John and Julie Rosko’s daughter (my mom has now passed away) we where just little when we where together – I still have all those homemade Christmas Cards you drew! you where an excellent artist. Well if this is you look me up on facebook I am under Cindy Prine and sure would like to talk to you. I will be in Conneticut for awhile so maybe we can meet up or something it would be nice to here from you.

  3. Hi Harley,
    After much internet searching for your mom, Gale Treszi, I sadly learned that she had passed away. We were friends at UB and she was a bridesmaid at my wedding. I went to her wedding as well. I have photos of her if you would like to have them. I was very fond of her and thought of her often.
    Gail Moss Baymiller, Portland, OREGON

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