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Saturday’s Baystate Cyclocross Race

Here’s a video from Saturday on the runup on what appears to be the first lap when I was about 20th (at 40 seconds), then Kieth flashes by (50 seconds) and then again me on the second lap (2:50).

Hop Brook Cross Race Results

Results finally on Cross results for Hop Brook 1-2-3 race November 18th
First and only 50+; finished 21st, 1 place better than race predictor; points were ok, but not what I’d hoped for

First lap-in about 4th

Decent photo

In the sand

Photos from Noho cross race Saturday



photo 36

Sloper Cross Sunday

Had a good day at Sloper Cross yesterday. I did the Cat 3 race.
According to the promoter: The Camp Sloper course will be mostly flat with short climbs. Grass, wood chips, berms, quick downhills, a stair run up, a beach ride and a sand court. There will be no man-made barriers.
The first steep climb came after about 200 meters on the grass and. although the approach was pretty quick during warm up, the grass/mud got tackier as the race progressed and it was hard to carry much speed up the hill for the U-turn at the top. There were 3 sections of sand; 1 pretty easy to ride, the other 2 were a little sketchy, but still rideable. A couple tight turns on loose wood chip that I struggled with-actually brushed the big tree on the inside several times with my shoulder several times.

About 25 starters. I took the hole shot up the steep climb and one guy got by me before a long section of technical corners with short straights where it was almost impossible to pass. I was still in second after 2 laps, but had guys go by me until I was in 6th when we got the bell. I had just passed a guy who went into the pit & he repassed me on the uphill. I held him close and then got back on his wheel after the stairs. I jumped him at the bottom of a steep climb just before another technical section. Got a bit of a gap and held him off to finish 6th.

Got the new LS skinsuits this week so that was worth at least another 10%.

Fun day. Pretty low key race and a fun course.

RH cross

Check out the photo from RH cross last night-tell me the new kit doesn’t look MUCH faster!!!
Probably need all black shorts though

So the race recap
Did the 45 min A race. Not sure where I finished, but somewhere near 20-25 of 35 I think. Didn’t get lapped-yeehaw!!
Got a good start, was about 15th midway through the first lap when I got taken down in a corner for the first crash of the night. Lost a few places & then got all tangled up in the course tape in the next corner. Settled into a pretty good rhythm. Avoided my middle of the race slow fade/meltdown. Battled with a few guys. With 2 to go I was with 2 guys and the guy in front of me bobbled in a 180 turn-I “overcorrected” and went down, threw my chain off the big ring, took a while to get it back on, 3 guys passed me. Managed to repass them within a half lap. One to go, another guy was right behind me, he passed me up the long hill, I repassed him in a technical section, he tried to repass me in a 180 turn at the bottom of the long hill with 1/4 lap to go-no dice, I held him off the rest of the way.
Felt good the whole race & was actually putting it to the pedals pretty good the last 2 laps.

Sat-Manchester Cross. Hope I left a match or two in the book for Sat

Dave Geissert at the Rocky Hill Cyclocross Training Series

TCC Mansfield Hollow ‘Cross Race

Dave sent in some pictures from the cyclocross race

DAS Cyclocross at Owen Bell Park

Riders:  Rick, Dave F., Jill and Sarah as our support and photographer

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There is a weekly cyclocross training series put on by Don at Danielson Adventure Sports every Wednesday at Owen Bell Park in Dayville.  About a month ago I went to scope it out and tonight was the first time I was able to get out there to actually race.  It was also my first attempt at cyclocross period.  Rick and Dave and Don from DAS were pretty helpful, giving me tips and advice.  The 3 of us did a few practice laps.  Rick and I

Dave's Baby

Dave's Baby

switched bikes for a lap both agreeing that the other’s bike was a sweet ride, his bike was super smooth and fast and I enjoyed riding it in the switchbacks. The race started with a parade lap to make sure all the riders were familiar with the course then the fun began.  The course starts with a healthy climb that leads to some sweet windy singletrack through some very tight spots, there are 2 barriers that you have to carry your bike over in this section then a good downhill that leads to a flat, fast stretch that gets you to the super steep hill where you throw your bike on your shoulder and run it up.  At the top there is a bit of a sketchy downhill to a fire road then a swift left out onto the track where we do about a ¾ lap to the start line then back around again.  Although it was a small crowd there seemed to be quite a pool of talent with pro and semi-pro racers in the mix.  I concentrated on improving my efficiency getting over the barriers (and there was a lot of room for improvement!) and mentally trying to come to terms with the fact that the rideable hill was not going to get any easier on my singlespeed.  The most difficult part I think was the run up the steep hill carrying the bike.  Fortunately Sarah was there cheering us on.  After the race Pauline encouraged me to add some gears to my bike and I thought about doing it but decided I would just stick it out on the singlespeed.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?  I’m going back next week to try it again, who’s in???? – Jill

Owen Bell Park Cyclocross Racing

Link to Pictures

Dave (with his new sweet cross bike) and Natasha at Owen Bell Park for the cyclocross race.

Dave and Natasha at Owen Bell Park

Dave and Natasha at Owen Bell Park