Bike Rodeo at Parker School in Tolland

Dave and Nancy Barrow from Tolland Bicyle, John Sattar and myself volunteered at a bike rodeo at Parker Middle School in Tolland on April 23rd. John and I performed helmet inspections and adjustments. I realized after a while that almost every child was wearing their helmet incorrectly, or it was too small, or too loose. We were kept quite busy educating the children and parents about the importance of a proper fitting helmet. There were some great pamphlets provided by the state police on bicycle helmet fit and bike safety as well as t-shirts, water bottles, and goodie bags to give each child after they completed the rodeo.

Dave and Nancy checked all the kid’s bikes, brakes, air pressure, and general health of the bikes. Other volunteers also directed a bike safety course teaching the kids how to signal left, right, and how to stop.

This was a great event put on by Ande Bloom, the Health Education Program Coordinator from the Eastern Highlands Health District. It was a pleasure to be able to work with Ande, her enthusiasm is contagious! – Jill

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