Mystic Velo Ride

Riders: Mike, Paul, Steve, Jay?, Andy M., John Stockford, Skip, Michael, Jill

This was a great ride! Even better than last week. Even though I know I shouldn’t have I rode 17 miles at lunch and did a 4 mile trail run the day before. Usually I like to rest my legs on Wednesday so they can be fresh for the Thursday ride. The first few pedal strokes were tough and I thought about turning back then all of a sudden my heavy legs turned into climbing legs and I was actually able to ride with the group for 90% of the ride. So exciting!!! Andy and John rode really well, this was pretty much Andy’s first road ride of the season and John was fighting a sinus infection. Michael was putting some hurt on the other riders sprinting up the hills. And we had more than a few kicker hills tonight. Skip gave me some good advice about tucking my arms in on the descents so I can get more speed and stay with the group. I think Paul feels bad about saying my bike was a relic because every ride now he makes a point of mentioning what a “classic” my bike is. It’s ok Paul, I guess it is kind of old. Heard some great stories from Steve about the road races he’s done lately and Mike T. was quiet as usual, just those legs of steel spinning those pedals over and over. – Jill

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