Nerac Earth West Coast Reporting In

Just caught up on the blog posts. Sounds like I missed some fun lunch rides this week.
I’m roughing it in the west coast office this week. Rentals are expensive and hard to come, need to buy a beater to keep in the office here. I was able to get my hands on an old steel Oschner road bike for a one day rental. I road from Solana Beach south along the coast to Torrey Pines.
There are two paths up the hill, one through the park and the other one the main road. I’ve been up the main road before and it was hard, so this time I tried the park road. It was about a mile and averaged 8% (max 14%), but the views were great. I felt so good when I got back down, that I decided to do the main road climb as well. It’s a very long 1.5 miles averaging 5%. The winter workouts must be helping, didn’t seem as hard this time.
The weather is great and it’s awesome having designated bike paths everywhere, plus there are bikers everywhere you look. I love it out here.
Still hoping to find a bike for a ride tomorrow. Then I’m heading to Houston with a ride scheduled on Sunday.
Catch you (or most likely chase you) in a Tolland TT soon. –John R

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