Lunch Ride Time Trial

Sandbagger is correct! I think this hanging behind on lunch rides was a ploy….right Jill?   We can’t actually verify when Jill left, but if she left at 1:10….she did an awesome job. I never saw her until I reached the Nerac parking lot. Jill is so right about the adrenaline and drive when you know you are being chased. I kept a race pace through the top of Broadway and couldn’t even say hi to Nick when I passed him. I kept looking back at the end of every long straightaway for the Guldens Mustard Yellow windbreaker and purple tights of John the flash Sattar. When I finally caught a glimpse at the top of Broadway it kicked me into overdrive. I knew he would catch me but thought it would be sooner. When he passed me on Dunn I could tell he was hurting(first time I’ve ever witnessed this with John) so I tried to push to stay with him. When he stood to go over the top of the little rise by the farm I could tell he had recovered from Broadway and he was gone, and I was toast. The drive thing left and I settled in to an easier (more sustainable)pace. I started recovering going down Gehring Rd and pushed pretty hard the rest of the way. I passed Susan on Cider Mill but I think my brain was oxygen starved at that point and I was almost by her before I realized who it was because she was on her mountain bike. That was the first lunch ride time trial for me and it was a blast. Next time a warm up(the first hill cold hurt) and a fair start(5 seconds Jill) and we’ll be good to go.

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