East Hartford Criterium

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This is my first time going to the Tuesday night Crit, Kyle begged me to come so I decided try it. Twenty minutes before I wanted to leave I decided to check out my bike, I had water in my rims from racing at Ninigret this past weekend in the torrential rains. Driving up to Rentschler Field, get off the highway and think to myself that I better not get lost around here!! Pull into the parking lot and see Rick getting ready, then John and Kyle show up. Kyle has a flat tire and he hasn’t even put his shoes on yet. Him and John fix the flat, and we go out to do some warm ups, and he gets another flat. Upon inspection of his rim we find sharp edge were the valve stem goes thru the rim, with quick thinking we cover it with a Band-Aid and up the tire back on……..it worked out, no more flats. Then I head over to registration…lots of confusion. I finally get my number and the race is ready to start….so much for a warm up. The race start is uneventful, but the wind is brutal not much room to hide at the front so I drop back a bit. Jill is hanging on like a champ. Then Rick and Kyle go to the front so I decide to join them. The pace picked up for the first prime, and stayed that way for the rest of the race. Kyle takes the second prime with ease. Then some guy decides to walk off the front, and everyone lets him just go. After a while I got antsy and decided to chase him down, but no one came with me so I working all by myself. After about three laps I catch him and try to get him to do some pace-lining, Kyle and another guy jumped the gap so we had some good horsepower but the other two didn’t want to do much work so the break failed. Then two others get away I thought about going after them, but decided to let some else do the work, so I sat on some guys wheel for the last five laps while he brought the lone escapee back. As typical in a Crit everyone slows down at the start of the last lap while all the sprinters try to get in position and no one wants to do any work. I attacked after the first turn and that got everyone going so I got one a wheel and follow him until the last corner. I jumped but it was too early, as I started to pop Kyle and two others blow by me. Kyle takes second…beat by less then a foot, and I hang on for fourth spot. Rick finishes with the pack. Then Michael helps me quickly change my number and I jump into the A-race……..I am a gluten for punishment. The pace was a lot harder, I sat behind the two Nerac Pros, Dave Werling and another..didn’t get his name. Dave gave me some tips and then he was gone. He go into a break away that lapped the field….that’s why he is a Pro. Cliff was also in the race and he was looking real strong also. Towards the end of the race he got into a break that got a half of a lap on main field before the end. I held on for dear life and finished with the pack……what a work out. The Crit was a good chance of pace from my normal Tuesday night ride…I will definitely come back. — Dave

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