Root 66, Rocky Woods

Well that was fun!
I did the Cat 2 50+ at Root 66 Rocky Woods in Taunton on Saturday. Paul Curley was the promoter. My old bike gave me a beating on the rocks and I ended up 7th. As Tom Stevens said, that old Rock Shock is more like a spring than a shock. The 6.7 mile course was almost all single track, some if it relatively smooth, but lots of sections of rock. No real climbs, but some sticky mud sections to suck the energy out of your legs. Because it was mostly single track and there was almost no place to pass, people were nice and generally pulled over when you came up on them; not like in cross.
Off the start I was 3rd into the woods, moved up to second when the guy in front of me lost it on a muddy corner, then dropped back into 7th over the first half lap or so. When I came through after the first lap with one to go I was already beat, but managed to have a pretty good second lap.
The old bike held up well, no problems shifting.
-Dave Geissert

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