Another Great Day on the Rockpile

Sat Aug 17, 2013 – MWARBH

Nerac Earth had a phenomenal turnout at the annual Mt Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb this year, with race veteran Andy Chambers, Rachel Chambers, Don Judson, myself and first timer Fiona Moore taking the challenge. And while the forecast was also phenomenal at the start, as usual the mountain had its own ideas for the weather at the top. MWOBS data at 6am on Sat promised temps warming to the 50s and DECREASING winds to 10-15 mph at the summit. The thought of that kind of weather alone, makes this ride all the more exciting. Well, too bad no one told Mr. Washington about that forecast. Regardless of the 40-48 mph gusts and 33 degree windchill at the top, it was still a gorgeous day all around, and everyone had to ride the same conditions to get to the finish line. The top of Mt Washington is simply awesome, no matter the weather. And the sense of accomplishment of having just ridden a bicycle to get there is hard to describe. “Brutally Satisfying” sums it up for me.

Nerac Earth on the podium:

1st place Under 19 Rachel Chambers

1st place 50-54 Sue Lucek

2nd place 55-59 Andy Chambers

2nd place Filly Fiona Moore

3rd place Family Division – Andy & Rachel Chambers

Congratulations to all!!

Full results here:










More Mount Washington Hill Climb Pictures

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