RH cross

Check out the photo from RH cross last night-tell me the new kit doesn’t look MUCH faster!!!
Probably need all black shorts though

So the race recap
Did the 45 min A race. Not sure where I finished, but somewhere near 20-25 of 35 I think. Didn’t get lapped-yeehaw!!
Got a good start, was about 15th midway through the first lap when I got taken down in a corner for the first crash of the night. Lost a few places & then got all tangled up in the course tape in the next corner. Settled into a pretty good rhythm. Avoided my middle of the race slow fade/meltdown. Battled with a few guys. With 2 to go I was with 2 guys and the guy in front of me bobbled in a 180 turn-I “overcorrected” and went down, threw my chain off the big ring, took a while to get it back on, 3 guys passed me. Managed to repass them within a half lap. One to go, another guy was right behind me, he passed me up the long hill, I repassed him in a technical section, he tried to repass me in a 180 turn at the bottom of the long hill with 1/4 lap to go-no dice, I held him off the rest of the way.
Felt good the whole race & was actually putting it to the pedals pretty good the last 2 laps.

Sat-Manchester Cross. Hope I left a match or two in the book for Sat

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