Bike MS June 3, 2012 Windsor, CT

For the last four years, Shawn and I have joined Team Simione’s Ridemonkeys for the BikeMS event in Windsor, CT.    This year, Shawn decided to create his own route, while I did 25 miles.

For those who have not participated, BikeMS is a well-organized event with a large turn-out of cyclists of all abilities, with routes from a century down to a kid-friendly 2 miler.  The funds gathered during the event benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The larger teams, like Simione’s Ridemonkeys, have team tents and everyone really gets into the spirit of the day.

The morning was crisp, but warmed up quickly.  It was a beautiful day for a bike ride – not too hot, not too cold. One of those “top ten” days in New England!  I left with the Ridemonkey members doing the 50 mile route at 9am, but planned to continue on the 25-mile route when it split off.   Shawn had left at 6:30am, before the 100 milers even took off, to do the 50 mile route and then the plan was to head out again to catch up with me on the 25.   We have done these routes so many times over the years so this was a good way to switch it up a bit!  The 25 mile course is a pretty flat and scenic route, passing through Suffield and Granby.  Shawn managed to catch me at mile 15 or so, hanging out at one of the rest stops while the nice folks from EMS adjusted my front derailleur.   After a quick snack, we were off to do the last 10 miles together.

Once we were back to the team tent, the 10 mile loop was beginning to head out, so Shawn decided to do the BikeMS trifecta and went out again for the third time.  He ended up with just over 90 miles for the day.  I hung out at the team tent and sold our hand-made sock monkey hats for donations to the National MS Society… they are hot ticket items! — Emma

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