June Norcross Webster Scout Reservation Bike Repair in Ashford, CT

Participants:  Dave Waldburger, Keith Enderle, Garth Bean, Nord Yakoleff, scouts

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We repaired and tuned up 26 Mountain Bikes for the Camp to use in Summer programs today.

Some parts were generously donated by the Tolland Bike Shop.

Some bikes did not need too much to get them functional, but others needed a lot of expert attention.
The Police bikes that were donated were good quality, so we put extra effort into repairing them.

We stripped three marginal bikes for parts to get real nice ones out of the salvage.

We had four bike stands going at the same time with qualified mechanics, Shane Young, Garth Bean, Keith Enderle, and Dave Waldburger turning wrenches.

The other workers were Ty and Cam Metsak, DJ Jackabowski, Paul and Jim Ferrence as “Oilers,” and “Scooters.” Scooters moved the bikes from station to station.

We got done around noon, so we had grinders for lunch. Everything went well!

Nord Yakovleff

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