Root 66 Massasoit Race in E. Taunton, MA

Racers:  Tom, Marilyn, Josh, Garth, Sue, Andy C., Jill, Emma, Max, Allie

Support:  Andrea, John, Annalee

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Well, today was my first straight out mountain bike race in 4 years and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  That’s not totally true, I expected to get my butt kicked!  I left home at the crack of dawn (7:30am) for an 11am race, that’s not really the crack of dawn seeing I go to work for 7am everyday but it felt early.  Only 2 potty stops on the way and that’s conservative for me, I tried to relax but my stomach was jumping around and wouldn’t quiet down no matter how many times I played “I got a feeling” on my nano.  I knew it was going to be a good race though when I ran into Dunkin Donuts for my 2nd potty run and “I got a feeling” was playing inside the store.  I’m generally not a superstitious person but I’ll gladly take that as a positive indication of good things to come…We had no CAT 3 racers to cheer for today so it was just me and Andy C. lining up with CAT 1 racers until all the CAT 2 riders showed up for the 1:30pm race.  I lined up with the other CAT 1 women and didn’t recognize anyone but we all quickly introduced ourselves and chatted until the start.  The previous Wednesday I pre-rode the trails and knew it was one of the fastest courses I had ever ridden and not so technical, typically not the best combination for me… (Give me technical terrain!!!) The most challenging part was a ton of roots but the course was super dry and 99% rideable.  I knew I had to be careful not to blow up because it was going to be an all out effort for 2 seven mile laps.  I wasn’t so sure my legs were ready for the effort but fortunately my bike was more than ready, this course was ideal for a hardtail 29er and the bike seriously just flew over the course almost taking out one of the pop up tents at a sharp corner on both laps.  The rest is just a blur of a fantastically great race.  After the race I quickly changed so I could get some pictures of the start of the sport race and cheered for our riders on the course.  This day was more than I could have hoped for, a perfect sunny and dry day in the 70’s, a bike that I swear had wings, teammates to cheer for me and to cheer for, and an unexpected 2nd place finish. – Jill

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