Lunch TT or the race of the fox and rabbit

Dave F, Sue L, Kevin B, and John: The lunch time, Time Trial is the most fun you can have in less than 60 minutes. In some cases…..John…….much less. The route is 13.6 miles of very challenging terrain and conditions for a TT, which makes it fun. There are several small climbs, one good size climb, Broadway, and several “anti gravity” roads like Dunn Road and Cider Mill. When I say anti gravity, I mean they are seemingly flat roads that suck every ounce of energy out of you to maintain good speed, because they have a slightly uphill grade. The TT is a race against yourself to measure your performance and conditioning throughout the season. It’s also a mind game to see how you can eek seconds out of the course. You focus on the little things like breathing, cadence, pressure on the full circle of the pedal stroke. Then there is the other mind game, and the most fun part, of trying to catch the rabbit in front of you, and trying to stay away from the fox that’s chasing. I hadn’t done the TT with Kevin before but knowing that he is stronger and faster, my goal was to stay away until at least Crandals. That goal gave me extra motivation to go hard and with his starting time 3 minutes back, I thought I could hold him off. The TT is also a mind game of measured effort. If you go too hard prior to the climb on Broadway, you lose time there. So I thought everything through and planned to go hard on the downhills and flats and be a little conservative on the climbs including Broadway so that I could make up time on Dunn. Between the anti gravity effect and the wind on Dunn, it takes me too long to recover from Broadway to make up time there. So today I hit Dunn feeling great even though I knew that I had given up some time prior. I now pumped out the pedal strokes and flew. I felt good and was convinced I could stay away. I flew down 31 until the wind hit me like a brick and slowed me considerably before the short climb to Gehring Road. As I rounded the corner completely out of breath I peeked back for Kevin. No one in sight! “I can do this” I thought! I was keeping a good pace on Gehring Road while trying to recover for the big push down Gehring when I saw riders coming toward me. In my race fog I couldn’t comprehend for a second why they were going the wrong way! Then I realized it was Jill and Bill doing a ride out to 31. Jill yelled something but I had no idea what she said and on I went. I turned down Gehring and thought I had picked up the pace but when I looked over my shoulder for traffic before using the center of the road where it is smoother, there he was. Kevin was bearing down on me….FAST!  The adrenalin hit me like a rock. How could this be? My plan was flawless! OK! Get to work. It’s a long fast downhill and I can hold him off till Grant Hill. No such luck. He flew by me and took the wind out of my sails with his breeze as he passed. Now I saw how hard he worked to pass me and tried to maintain a gap thinking I could limit the damage. It was a good plan until the hill after Anderson road. He was gone! I did see him turn the corner to Rt 195 but never saw him again till the end. The other variables and fun part of this TT are the school busses, garbage trucks, and traffic lights. Once you turn onto 195 you have 4 lights with busy intersections that can be very challenging and time consuming. I made all the lights and suffered up the last climb past Tolland Bike to Nerac. John and Sue finished seconds in back of me and totally spent. It was a great day, great ride, and great fun on a TT where the rabbit didn’t out run the fox. If you ever get a free lunch to come out and TT with us I highly recommend it. Where else can you have that much fun in less than 60 minutes?

Dave F

2 responses to “Lunch TT or the race of the fox and rabbit

  1. When I saw Jill and Bill, I was also confused… why are they going the wrong way??? Brain starved for oxygen.

  2. Yes the race fog can hit hard!

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