The ride that almost didn’t happen!

AMC road ride in S. Windsor

Riders:  Jeff from Central Wheel, Keith on the Ridley, Glenn the great ride leader, Dave W. the adventurer, and Jill

This story starts early, around 10am when the emails started flying about the lunch ride.  I was planning on going to the AMC ride after work but the forecast was looking uber sketchy so I was wondering if I should ride at lunch time while the sun was still out but the S. Windsor ride won out because I wanted the extra mileage and it’s always so much fun.  The lunch crew had a great sunny ride and the storm started about 20 minutes after they got back to work, I could hear the rain pounding on the roof at Nerac.  Hmmmm, I emailed Brian to see if he was riding and he said he was in and Dave W. said he would be riding too so I figured what the heck, I’ll still go.  As I left Nerac the sky looked ominous and I had to hold the steering wheel with both hands on route 84 as my car shook from the wind and I hoped it wouldn’t flip over.  OMG – and I’m still planning on riding, what is wrong with me???  I got to the parking lot early so I popped into EMS to say Hi to Deryl and Johnny, 2 of my favorite peeps!  I hear the Thursday night EMS rides will be starting next week, yeah!!!

Ok, over to the parking lot where all the riders meet by Bugaboo and I see one other vehicle with a bike.  Uh oh , maybe the ride is cancelled.  But Brian shows up a couple of minutes later.  Phil and Kyle both stopped by my car to say they are bailing and Phil said Ed is not coming either.  Brian keeps saying he is bailing but he doesn’t actually drive away so maybe he’ll ride…then Wayne stopped by and he is heading out toward Glastonbury with a group but I pass hoping that Dave W. will lead a group when he gets there at 6pm.  Right at 6pm who knocks on my window (yes I am taking shelter in my car still!) but Glenn!!!!  Ok, I’m definitely riding now that Glenn is here and ready to ride, I spy Dave W. and a couple other riders and ask Brian one more time but he was bailing, it was still looking pretty bad out and starting to rain…Soooo we headed out as a group of 5 with Jeff, Keith, Dave W., Glenn, and me.  Glenn started heading north into the storm but Dave suggested we head south where the clear skies were and this turned out to be a great suggestion as within a few miles the rain cleared, the sun came out and we all shed our extra layers.  Then we just cruised, it was nice having a small group, and it was great to catch up with Dave and Glenn who has been on some terrific trips lately with more to come!  And it was fun to chat with Jeff about bike clubs and bikes, I’m pretty sure they have an espresso machine at his shop, impressive.  We ended up with 32 miles and just over an 18 mile average which was pretty good considering all the stop signs and lights we had to stop for.  So a surprisingly sunny ride and my bike is absolutely filthy along with my kit with the rooster tail streaming up my back but as always this ride was fantastic and I’m glad we all stuck it out and rode, it was worth it. – Jill

One response to “The ride that almost didn’t happen!

  1. It really turned out to be a fun steady paced ride, with some really nice roads. Riding around the tobacco fields reminded me of my tobacco picking days. Thanks guys.

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