Ah well-this is bike racing.

I did the Cat 3 race at Attleboro yesterday. 50 laps of a 1 km course with a small big ring hill-pretty quick up the hill because there was a decent tail wind up the hill. I usually go pretty well there & I’ve been flying on my training rides lately. Six guys got away in the first 5 laps. I chased for a lap and a half with a 16-year old junior named Evan Kirk. Evan is the son of Wayne Kirk who my brother & I raced against 30 years ago. We didn’t get too far and dropped back to the field. The break thinned out a bit and a couple times I thought sure we would catch them. At the end there was 3 guys up the road. On the last lap I was 5th wheel going down the hill with a half lap to go. I got sandwiched on both sides & taken down. I was right were I wanted to be, but I guess that’s what the other 2 guys thought as well when they both squeezed me at the same time. I had no place to go and all 3 of us swerved a bit & I though I might be able to keep it up, but then I think someone took out my front wheel & I went down. The only other rider who went down was Evan, who later told me he figured I knew what I was doing so he was following me. That’ll teach a 16-year old to follow a 49-year old in the sprint. I got a pretty good road rash on me left leg & abrasions on my tailbone & elbow, but the worst is my back. I must’ve hit pretty hard. Every time I move it hurts & I had a hard time sleeping last night. I just went for a walk to try and loosen it up & it feels better, but I was walking like an old man.

I was planning to do New Britain today-but since I can barely move that’s not gonna happen.

Oh yeah-the bike seems ok; a couple of good scrapes & when I got back to the car, the front tire blew.

Take care & enjoy the Tour.  -Dave

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