Tuesday AMC Ride

Riders:  w/Agatha’s group:  Dave F., Sue, Brian, Jeff, Rob, Jill – w/Ed’s group:  Dave I., Alan, Andy C. and Rachel – and Maria with the 25 mile crew.
Please wear your helmet and carry id with a current phone contact on every ride.  Last night we had a wonderful ride with Agatha leading.  Everyone behaved, the weather was great, there wasn’t much traffic, and the route was fantastic.  I got to meet our newest member Rob and say Hi to Jeff and a bunch of folks who I haven’t seen since last year.  And it was great having so many of our members out on the ride.  I was a little nervous as this was my first time hitting this ride since last year and wasn’t sure if I could hang with the group but Agatha lead a nice steady ride that started off slow then ramped up to a nice pace and with a couple sprints thrown in we had a great time.  About 10 miles from the parking lot I heard somebody yell “crash” behind me.  Not something you ever want to hear on a ride.  I turned around to see several of our yellow jerseys crouched over a figure lying on the ground.  My heart stopped and I rushed over to see if I could help.  It was not one of our riders but it was an older gentleman I recognized from last year.  Sue talked to him while I looked through his bag for id, another rider called 911 and yet another called his wife from the number we got off his id card that he was carrying.  The ambulance, police, and fire truck were there within minutes and gently put him on a backboard and carried him away leaving the rest of us standing there stunned.  We regrouped and headed back to the parking lot, a somber crew contemplating what had just happened.  This was nobody’s fault, there was nobody around him when he fell, he braked, his rear tire skidded and the bike went down.  So please be careful out there, be kind to your fellow riders, and please carry id and wear a helmet that fits snugly.  This gentleman’s helmet broke into 4 pieces.  It was an older style helmet and may have been brittle.  If you have ever crashed with your helmet, replace it.  Or if it sits in the car all summer baking in the sun it may be brittle and need replacing.  Ride safe out there folks.  -Jill

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