New Britain Crit-Nutmeg Games-CT State Champ

I did both the Masters 45+ and the 35+ at New Britain Crit-Nutmeg Games-CT State Champ

Masters 45+ 15 miles
Pretty quick all in all, but I felt pretty good. I think we averaged about 27-28 mph. I looked down few times and my speedometer said 32 mph. I wasted a bit of energy going for a $50 preme with 5 to go, but at least I was near the front at crunch time. Came down to a field sprint and I was a little too far back with a half lap to go. I was on the right side of the road and had to wait to start my sprint until about 150 meters to go. I had a good jump (went right by my buddy Mike Norton) and was gaining pretty good on the first 3, but they were side by side & I had no place to go & ended up not really going hard the last 50 meters. I ended up 4th. I looked at the photo finish and Steve Gray beat reigning National Champion Aubrey Gordon by about 4 or 5 inches. The top 5 were all within about 2 bike lengths at the finish. I was the 2nd finisher from CT and it was the CT State Championships as well as the Nutmeg Games, so I got a couple shiny medals as well as some cash.

M35+ 20 miles
Not much to say really; a break of about 12 guys got away before halfway, we picked up a few, but there were still 8 or 9 guys up the road at the end. We were going pretty quick the last 5 laps and I thought we might catch the break so I stayed near the front, but with half lap to go it was clear we wouldn’t so most of us sat up in the field.

All in all-a good day of racing for me. I was a little tired in the 35+, but still had some zip in the legs after what turned out to be 51 miles for the day for me.


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