MS Ride

Riders: Tony, Dave H, and Jeff doing the 100, Dave F, Dean, Garth, Andrea, and John R doing the 50. Someone said that they saw other NE members but I’m not sure who it was. Emma and Shawn were riding for Ride Monkey who had quite a turnout.

Dave H. Blog of the MS Ride

The weather was perfect for the event today with little humidity and clear sunny skies. The numbers for the event were record breaking according to a volunteer. John, Dean, Andrea, Garth, and I started towards the back of the field and it took 5 or 6 miles to get past slower riders and break free from the group. Dean was keeping a hot pace for the few miles he has ridden this year….which was 13! We got into a pattern of riding ahead fast to a rest stop and waiting for everyone to come in, then racing to the next. Garth said it best IMG00009-20090607-1104when he commented that it was like the Tuesday night ride with rest stops. After the second stop I got separated from the others and had a blast when I fell in with Team Alstom who was flying along nicely. I met up with the others at what I think was the 25 mile stop and took some Gatorade and food in. We waited too long at the stop and got a little stiff when we started up again. John and I left there and took turns pulling to the firehouse stop at 35 with the goal of staying ahead of Garth who was using us as the rabbit to get some good sprint work in. We held Garth off but John said that he exceeded his longest mileage so far this year and was starting to fade. We left the firehouse with 15 to go and I was feeling on fire. When 5 guys from team CANNIBAL VELO past me I jumped on their wheel and absolutely flew the rest of the way. They were finishing the 100 with a goal of under 5 hours so they were riding with a mission. It was a pleasure riding with a team that is so strong and smooth and they appreciated the help after 90 miles. I got 4 pulls in during the last 10 miles and it felt so good to work hard going that fast. I finished with those guys who did 4:45 for the 100. I talked to Dave H after to find out that his group were the first 100 team to finish with an average over 21. They were screaming into the finish with Dave in his NE kit, arms held high in victory. Good job to all NE members today. This is a beautiful ride with some of the best roads and scenery in CT. What a great day.
Dave F.

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