Broadway Time Trial

Riders: Sue, John, Jill

So first thing Tuesday morning Sue suggests a time trial at lunch. I try to ignore the email by not responding but I think about it. My last TT was the end of March, and I have been running trail races almost every weekend and trail running 3 or 4 times a week with a little bit of biking here and there. Do I really want to TT? What if my time is worse than March???? I get the fever though and at 1pm I demand a 10 minute head start, tell Sue and John I won’t speak to them ever again if they catch me and off I go. The weather was perfect, no wind, around 70 degrees with just a touch of humidity and the sun trying to poke out a little. I also took my blinky light off my bike, removed my chain tool, extra co2 cartridge, and my multi-tool from my seat bag. So riding light with just a tube, one co2 and nozzle, and a half full water bottle. I should have left the water bottle – I never even took my hands from the bars for a sip! The climb up Broadway is slow and painful as always but I just try to spin it out and tell myself I’m home free once I get to route 31. This isn’t quite true but it keeps me pedaling. Things go smoothly until I get to Crandall where the headwind makes me struggle along with my burning legs. As I take the right that leads up to route 195 I catch a glimmer of yellow jersey about 300 yards behind me. I’m not sure who it is but I think it is Sue because we staggered the starts and she left after me and John left after her. I figure I might be able to hold them off until the climb up 195 to Nerac from Goose Lane so I chug up the last of the hill bang a right onto 195 and pray for green lights. I get caught at a red light and I’m still not sure who is behind me but I get passed by the bank and it’s John. He isn’t even breathing hard! He slows down by the gas station and I tell him to go, go, go. Who knows where Sue is! So up the final hill by Tolland Bike and Sue catches me on the way up. Oh well, those 2 are crazy fast. I took 2 minutes and 38 seconds off my March TT, yay!!! I guess John’s 3 week hiatus from cycling did not have a negative effect on his riding! So despite my initial reservations I had a blast TT’ing, now I have to figure out how to take 2 more minutes off next time! – Jill

One response to “Broadway Time Trial

  1. I have to come clean here… Jill wanted 10 minutes, but that was too much 🙂 Sue gave her 7 minutes and I gave her 8:15. Seemed to have worked out since we all finished nearly at the same time. Jill worked so hard, she didn’t even realize that I had to slow down because a truck cut me off and Sue only passed her after she had finished. Now that is a good time trial!

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