Tuesday AMC Road Ride Manchester which now start at 6:00

Dave F and Tony

Nicely Paced Recovery Ride! Sure I’ll sign up for that! I should have known better when I saw Tony and Kevin Breton in the group. Ed and Glen assured me that because they did a century Monday that they were ready for a nice recovery ride with a 17 MPH average. I did a hard 34 mile rail trail ride on my cyclocross bike Monday so I was ready to spin my cares away on a nice Connecticut River Valley recovery ride. Within 1 ½ miles from the parking lot we were averaging around 21 MPH and when I struggled on the hills by the golf course I knew this was going to be painful. Tony and a few other strong riders were at the front keeping a good pace and absolutely sprinting every hill. At the top of the final hill on Frog Hollow road I heard the 2 guys behind mutter that they had gotten in on the wrong ride and didn’t think they could keep the pace. I got off the back of Tony’s wheel by only ten feet at the start of Pinney Street and struggled to get back on at 28 MPH. I was dropped like a hot potato going up Jobs when I slowed to remove my wind breaker and just couldn’t get back on. I settled into a pace, drank and got some GU down. Kevin hung back on Reeves Road and pulled me back to the group going down Jill’s favorite hill. Once I was back on with my jacket off and some food and Cytomax in me I was good to go. Don’t get me wrong the rest of the ride was very fast and painful but I felt good and hung with the group without further problems. Glen stopped us on Old Main Street in South Windsor to form a pace line and “instruct” some of the members of the group on the etiquette of pace lining and how not to yo-yo. Once the pace picked up again the group was a little smoother. I was taught road riding etiquette, safety, and pace line efficiency by Glen, Eddie, Phil, Kevin and Dave I years ago and it is always a pleasure to ride with those guys. As usual after crossing RT 5 it was an all out up the final 2 hills and back to the parking lot. Even when I suffer on these rides they are still my favorite and I feel so good when I’m done. They build my strength and endurance like no other ride and I look forward to it all week. For my first Tuesday ride of the year it was awesome and I can’t wait till the next ride.
Dave F

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