Mansfield Hollow Ride

Riders: Cindy, Jill

I’m always a little nervous taking out new riders but after 5 minutes I realized Cindy was going to be absolutely fine on the trail and was able to relax and have fun. After days of rain we lucked out with a beautiful sunny afternoon with temps in the mid 60’s, perfect for mountain biking. We headed around the lake first and after a little coaxing Cindy eased up on her brakes and was cruising smoothly down the hills and I was pleasantly surprised to watch her make almost every hill on the lake loop. She even rode through the rocky water crossings, what a trooper. After the 4 mile lake loop I gave her 3 options: going back to the car, riding the lake loop in reverse, or trying the 3 mile transfer station loop which has more climbs and more roots and rocks. She chose the transfer loop, which I was secretly hoping she would. The first half of the loop she sailed through then had to walk a few of the off-camber rooty sections and a couple of the steeper hills toward the end but I was very impressed with her determination and when she rode right over the wooden bridge with no hesitation I was ecstatic! Way to go Cindy. – Jill

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