The Maureen Fluckiger Scholarship Fund

Dear Club Members and supporters of Nerac Earth Cycling:
Most of you know me and my daughter Sarah from rides, races, and Nerac Earth events. We are usually the first to volunteer to help our club or anyone else that needs a helping hand. Today I’m asking for your help for a worthy cause. As most of you know I lost my wife to breast cancer in 2003 and we have set up a scholarship fund in her name at East Catholic High School. My two older children were attending ECHS when Maureen lost her battle with cancer. The school was very supportive and helpful at that time, ensuring that both Tom and Meghan could finish their high school education there.
The fund helps a family that has more than one student at East, and instead of being awarded based on athletic ability or academic achievement, it goes to a junior who exemplifies what it means to be part of ECHS. They are average students who give it their all, in effort and participation towards their work and school spirit. These students might be otherwise overlooked and we help keep them at East.
This will be the 4th year for the fund and we have previously helped 3 students attain their goals. We have all had to adjust during these hard economic times so it’s hard for me to ask this of you. It’s also hard for families trying to ensure a quality education for their children. Any amount will help and I’m only asking that if you have a little to spare that you consider donating to this worthy tax deductible cause. We are quite proud to be able to pay it forward and keep Maureen’s spirit alive thanks to your generous donations.

Donations can be mailed directly to:
Maureen Fluckiger Fund
East Catholic High School
115 New State Road
Manchester, CT 06040
Attn: Sarah Adanti

The deadline is May 9, 2009.
On behalf of our entire family, we thank you very much!
David Fluckiger

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