Nerac Earth Ride Tolland, CT

Riders: Brian, Dave F., Ken, John and Nathan, Dave and Taylor, Cliff, Lisa and Guy, Sue, Steve, Robert, Jill

Well, this was our first Nerac Earth road ride of the season so we kind of expected around 3 people to show up so when the cars started piling in I was very surprised. We advertised a moderate ride and ended up with beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. A challenge to make the ride enjoyable for all but we worked it out, kind of… So we begin, we’re in Tolland so it’s going to be a climb to get anywhere and a climb to get back so we head up 74 to route 30 and take 30 all the way to Stafford. Route 30 was in pretty bad shape with deep potholes and cracks the entire stretch. It looked good on mapquest though! We will avoid 30 in the future. John and Dave rode ahead with the faster group and I rode with the newer riders to give them tips and show the value of working a pace line by taking turns leading and conserving energy. This only worked on the flats so once we got on 319 it was sort of a free for all. We regrouped about half way up 319 and a group decided to head left on 19 out toward Mass to add some mileage and the other group decided to head right on 19 to make it closer to the 30 miles we promised. The weather ended up being perfect today, it was even comfortable in the parking lot getting ready. So halfway through the ride layers were coming off, especially when we hit 140 and the hills started rolling by. It was great catching up with everyone after this snowy winter, I’m hoping the weather continues to get warmer so we can enjoy more of these rides. So although this ride wasn’t perfect and we need to work a bit on trying to make the ride enjoyable for a varied group of riders, I don’t think anyone hated it… At least I hope not. –Jill

5 responses to “Nerac Earth Ride Tolland, CT

  1. what happened to the guy who had the flat tire?

  2. lol…. I will add that dude!

  3. Sorry Brian! I even forgot to write about the crazy cujo dog attack on route 19!!!!

  4. Great ride! Weather was perfect and enjoyed meeting new people. It’s good to be back.

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