Plainville Spring Series

Boy that seems odd to say; first race of the year in March. I think in over 25 years of racing, I’ve never raced in March more than a couple times, if at all. Anyway, I did the Cat 3/4 race at the Plainville Spring Series (no Masters race there).

Beautiful day; 50+ and sunny. We started about 60 riders. It felt great to be racing again. I pretty much sat in as it seemed obvious nothing was going to stay away. I did get off the front for a lap once by myself; why I have no idea. Took me a while to recover from that-not a bright move on my part. Coming in to the last couple laps I was a bit far back, but managed to move up pretty good on the last lap. It was pretty strung out the last half lap which kept it safe. The last corner was just over 200 meters from the finish. I squeezed into a gap on the inside curb just before the corner & got into 6th position into the corner. I jumped out of the corner and passed 2 guys to end up in 4th place. I’m real happy with that. For not doing any sprints in training, my sprint was pretty quick.

Ciao -Dave

They count points for the series and have prizes for the overall so I’m going to try and move up a bit.

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