DAS Cyclocross at Owen Bell Park

Riders:  Rick, Dave F., Jill and Sarah as our support and photographer

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There is a weekly cyclocross training series put on by Don at Danielson Adventure Sports every Wednesday at Owen Bell Park in Dayville.  About a month ago I went to scope it out and tonight was the first time I was able to get out there to actually race.  It was also my first attempt at cyclocross period.  Rick and Dave and Don from DAS were pretty helpful, giving me tips and advice.  The 3 of us did a few practice laps.  Rick and I

Dave's Baby

Dave's Baby

switched bikes for a lap both agreeing that the other’s bike was a sweet ride, his bike was super smooth and fast and I enjoyed riding it in the switchbacks. The race started with a parade lap to make sure all the riders were familiar with the course then the fun began.  The course starts with a healthy climb that leads to some sweet windy singletrack through some very tight spots, there are 2 barriers that you have to carry your bike over in this section then a good downhill that leads to a flat, fast stretch that gets you to the super steep hill where you throw your bike on your shoulder and run it up.  At the top there is a bit of a sketchy downhill to a fire road then a swift left out onto the track where we do about a ¾ lap to the start line then back around again.  Although it was a small crowd there seemed to be quite a pool of talent with pro and semi-pro racers in the mix.  I concentrated on improving my efficiency getting over the barriers (and there was a lot of room for improvement!) and mentally trying to come to terms with the fact that the rideable hill was not going to get any easier on my singlespeed.  The most difficult part I think was the run up the steep hill carrying the bike.  Fortunately Sarah was there cheering us on.  After the race Pauline encouraged me to add some gears to my bike and I thought about doing it but decided I would just stick it out on the singlespeed.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?  I’m going back next week to try it again, who’s in???? – Jill

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