Rentschler Field Training Race

Did the A-race at the Rentschler Field Training Race in East Hartford last night & was 6th in the A-race (cat 1-4). Pretty fun for a training race-relatively smooth & fast. It was 45 minutes plus 5 laps on a flat 1/2 mile course. Probably started about 35 riders & 2 teams, CVC & CCCN, each had 6-8 riders each. Of course, they got a break of 5, 2 from each team, in the first 5 minutes and that was all she wrote. They lapped us w/about 15 minutes to go. I did my usual long pull/off the front for 1.5 laps & realized I had better just sit in. When they put the lap cards up w/5 to go I moved to the front. For the last 4 laps it was pretty much single file & I moved up whenever there was a lull. I don’t know many of the riders, but Aiden Charles (he was wearing Nerac Pro shorts) came through on the last lap I jumped on his wheel & he gave me a great (but certainly unintentional) lead out. I jumped w/about 200 meters to go & one of the guys who lapped us came by me just before the line. Like I said-pretty fun for a training race & a good boost to my confidence for the last couple races.
After the race I jumped in the car & drove to New London to work all night until 6am-yeehaw.
Ciao –Dave

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