Monday Night Ride

Riders: Brian, Keith, Nicole, Steve, Jeff and Ausher (spelled right??)

Monday was the perfect day for a nice 30 mile bike ride (average 15.8 mph). It was finally warmer then 55 degrees and the wind wasn’t trying to knock us over. We were lead by the lucky Keith (don’t worry you can follow, not lead, next week) who started us off on some nice hills that felt like they went on…..and on….and on. After awhile I was starting to wonder if I would make it even half way thru the ride but then we were lead down some pretty flat roads for a nice recovery. This is where a few of us had the interesting experience of hitting a crazy squirrel who decided to play chicken with the group. He hit my back tire and then after a beautiful spin decided to try it again only to then be hit by another rider’s tire. That’s when he decided to high tail it out of there and went scurrying home. Hope you’re okay little squirrel!!! We had one other mishap of a flat tire, which allowed us to get to know some of our new riders from the West coast. The ride ended with a few more hills, to challenge even the most determined rider, although Keith made it look easy. I think we all had a nice time and can’t wait for next week. — Nicole H

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